A modern-day adaptation of King Lear

In October 2012, widower and convenience mart owner Kunal Lahiri wishes to retire and bequeath his property in Queens to his three grown children, as New York City braces for Hurricane Sandy.

Starring Siraj Huda, Uma Paranjpe, Danish Farooqui, Chareeni Kurukulasuriya and Zane Gillion.

Featuring Joseph R. Gannascoli, Nimo Gandhi, Gabriel Awan, Ellen Boscov, Jamie Faryniak, Irfan-Ul Huq, Frank Provenzano, Sal Sirchia, Mukta Phatak,  Arif Silverman, ReW STaRR and Zsa Zsa Gabone.

Written by Saima Huq.

Directed by Christopher Picone.



From Stage To Screen

King Lahiri began as a short play that ran in July 2018 at Shetler Studios on W 54th Street in New York City.

The title character was played by Siraj Huda, and his family by Saima Huq, Danish Farooqui, Arshia Panicker and Tony White.

After the final performance, an audience member thanked writer Saima Huq for "telling the stories of people we all see but don't know much about" and that she was going to have more conversations with the owner of her local convenience store from now on.

This film is dedicated to the original Tony, Donald Anthony "Tony" White (bottom right), who passed away suddenly in January 2020. He loved the Tony character and, when asked if it was Ok to name the character after him, told us we better NOT name him anything else!



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