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Frabizio Vitelli

 Joseph R. Gannascoli is an actor and producer, known for his role as Vito Spatafore on HBO's The Sopranos. He portrays restaurateur Frabizio Vitelli in King Lahiri.



Mr. Kunal Lahiri

A veteran of countless films and TV shows, Siraj Huda originated the title role of Mr. Kunal Lahiri when it was a stage play in New York in July 2018. He reprises the role in this new feature-length film.

Uma Paranjpe Headshot.jpg


Salima Lahiri

Uma Paranjpe is an actor and playwright living in Brooklyn. Her stage credits include Broadway's Life of Pi (2023).  Among her many talents, Uma is a Playwriting Mentor for the Staging Success Program at The Atlantic Theater Company, founded by Pulitzer Prize winner David Mamet.

King Lahiri Main Cast and Crew: Team


Daanish Lahiri

Danish originated the role of Daanish Lahiri on stage in New York City in July 2018. Danish is an accomplished voiceover actor as well as a veteran of both stage and screen. In mid-2022, Danish will perform on Broadway as Wali in The Kite Runner.

Chareeni Kurukulasuriya_1.jpg


Chasheen Lahiri

A newcomer to the industry, Chareeni took on the role of youngest daughter Chasheen like a seasoned professional. In addition to her impressive acting skills, she is currently studying for her MD at Pitt School of Medicine.

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Hailing from South Africa, Zane Gillion is an accomplished actor, singer, dancer, voice artist and presenter. He received a Naledi Award nomination in 2008 for Best Newcomer/Breakthrough Performance - Male for his role in Rent.

King Lahiri Main Cast and Crew: Team

        Head Writer, Executive Producer


             Saima Huq, MPH

Saima Huq wrote the stage play King Lahiri in 2018, as part of her New York City-based theatre company Always Love Lucy Theatre, founded in 2014. She expanded the play into a feature film, and, in 2020, founded King Lahiri Productions. She has a cameo in King Lahiri as Saima Auntie.


 Christopher Picone


Christopher Picone has over 25 years' experience in directing and film editing, having worked for Bloomberg News, HBO, and countless independent projects. He has a cameo in King Lahiri as Lawrence, a theatre director.


 Jill Katera

Production Assistant/Script Supervisor

Jill Katera works on the film on both sides of the camera, as production assistant and script supervisor, as well as a cameo as Penny, a customer at Eddie's Pizza.

King Lahiri Main Cast and Crew: Team
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